Calico Kitten Designs is inspired by four little kittens and their mom. 

Their mom's name is Fluffy and she has always right near me when I am sewing, doing my cross stitch and my other crafts. 

One day Fluffy blessed me with four little kittens, two boys and two girls.  Their names are Bear, a little short haired black kitten, Bandit, a light gray short haired kitten, Special, who looks just like her mom, a long haired black kitten and Callie, a sweet Calico kitten.

 And what better way to share them with everyone than to create a website about them
and all the wonderful crafts that
they inspire me to create.

You will find home decor, dolls, stuffed animals,
candles, quilts, cross stitched and so much

Please stop in often and see all the
wonderful items that we have added.

Calico Kitten Designs is so happy that
Country Chatter has joined us. 

Calico Kitten Designs is so happy to announce
that we are moving crafts shops into the
website.  If you are interested in joining
us, please email the kittens for details.

Your satisfaction is our highest goal.
Everything is hand made in America.





Kitten Bandit wants you
to check out all the wonderful recipes, that he has personally chosen for the website.

And if you would like to send him some samples, he will be so happy!!!!!

Please check out the featured shops each month from the newsletter.
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