Clay Pot Turkey


    • 1˝” wood ball

    • feathers

    • 2” clay pot

    • thin white ribbon

    • small green button

    • raffia or natural paper twist

    • brown acrylic paint

    • red acrylic paint

    • pink acrylic paint

    • black acrylic paint

    • yellow gold acrylic paint

    • hot glue


  • Paint the wooden ball and clay pot with brown acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • Paint a waddle in red, cheeks in pink, a beak in yellow-gold and eyes in black.
     Paint two feet in yellow-gold on the clay pot.
  • Glue the ball to the terra cotta pot.
  • Make a bow with the white ribbon and glue to the turkey’s neck.
    Thread the raffia through the green button and glue to the turkey’s body.
  • Glue several feathers to the back of the turkey for his tail.



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