Terra Cotta Scarecrow


  • 5 clay pot

  • 4 Styrofoam ball

  • 7 straw hat

  • 2 Provo Craft simple shape stockings

  • Muslin

  • Raffia

  • Twine or jute

  • Fabric glue / hot glue

  • Polyester stuffing

  • 1 button

  • 18 gauge wire

  • Black Delta paint

  • Orange Delta paint

  • yard of plaid Halloween fabric

  • Directions

    • Glue Styrofoam ball to bottom of clay pot with hot glue.
    • Find center of muslin and place over Styrofoam ball to cover head and make a collar.
    • Tie raffia around intersection of ball and pot. Cinch to form neck.
    • Cut sleeve 9x22. Glue sleeve along length. When glue is dry, stuff with polyester stuffing. Run a 20 piece of wire through sleeve to make posable arms.
    • Glue raffia to inside of sleeve and tie off cuff with raffia. Glue arms around
      backside of scarecrow to clay pot.
    • To make legs, cut fabric 9x45. Repeat the instructions for the arms, with the
      addition of the boots tied to cuff of pants at bottom with raffia.
    • Bend legs in half and glue pot in place on top of bend.
    • Make hair with a bunch of raffia tied in the middle and trimmed to the length
      you prefer (ours is 10 long). Glue in place. Glue hat in place.
    • Paint on face.
    • Use jute to make a belt about 24 long by braiding it with 6 strands. Glue in place.
    • Glue bottom in place.




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