Scarecrow on Duty Topiary


    • 18 checked fabric

    • 1/4 yard burlap

    • 5 clay pot

    • 6 round doily

    • Medium size crochet mittens

    • Raffia

    • 6 Styrofoam disk

    • Styrofoam block

    • 5/8 dowel

    • Black embroidery floss

    • Assorted buttons and dried flowers

    • Fiberfill stuffing

    • Acrylic paints - Trail Tan and Red Iron Oxide

    • Needles and floral pins

    • 6 straw hat

    Base paint terra cotta pot in trail tan. Dry. Splatter with red iron oxide. Glue
    styrofoam block into pot. Cut dowel in half. Glue, nail or tie sticks into a cross shape.
    Cut about a 18 square from checked fabric. Fold into triangle and fit over dowels.
    If too long, cut off excess. Cut a slit in center of fold. Secure dowel into
    styrofoam block in pot. Slip fabric triangle over dowel and lower front and
     back onto dowel with raffia. Slip gloves on ends of cross dowel and tie checked fabric
    over glove with raffia. Cut hole in center of doily to fit over dowel. Slip onto
     dowel and over checked fabric. Measure circles of burlap to cover front and
    back of styrofoam disk and cut a strip to cover edge. Glue pieces in place.
    Stitch mouth with embroidery floss. Cut elongated triangle from checked fabric
    for nose and glue in place. Glue on button eyes and blush cheeks with watered
    down red iron oxide color. Stick bunches of raffia into sleeve area to stick
    out by mittens. Glue raffia on top of head disk, covering sides and back, and
    have a few pieces hanging down in front for bangs. Glue hat on top of head.
    Glue some raffia on hat. Slip head disk onto top of dowel. Tie some raffia around
    neck area of dowel. Decorate front of material with buttons, and place
    assorted drieds and raffia into pot. Glue dried flower onto raffia on the hat.


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