Indian Corn Napkin Ring
(makes one napkin ring)


  • 48- Tri Beads (Fall colors- yellow, orange, red, black)

    • 1- Yellow Pipe Cleaner

    • Natural Raffia

    • Terra Cotta Pot Napkin Ring

    • 22 ga. Wire

    • Hot Glue & Glue Gun


  • Randomly place beads onto pipe cleaner. Cut the pipe cleaner &
    make 3 corn of 1 1/2" to 2" lengths.

  • Glue corn to the side of the napkin ring.

  • Wire a small bundle of raffia strands (approximately 24 1"-3" strands) and
    glue above the corn to simulate corn husks.

  • With 4 strands of raffia, make a 3" bow.

  • Glue the bow to the base of the corn husk.


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