Black Cat Gift Bag


  • Black Gift Bag

  • Orange, Green, Brown, Yellow Cardstock

  • Paperkins “Little Boo”

  • Purple and Yellow Curling Ribbon

  • Star Punch, Hole Punch

  • White Thread

  • Glue


  • Use the pattern to cut the pumpkin out of the orange, brown and green cardstock.

  • Glue the cat from the Paperkins package to the pumpkin.

  • Tie a knot in the white thread, trim the ends and glue to the cat’s face for whiskers.

  • Punch several stars from yellow cardstock using the star punch. Glue the stars and
    pumpkin with cat to the front of the bag.

  • Hole punch two holes at the top of the bag and tie purple and yellow ribbon
    through the top. Curl the ribbon.


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