Chessecloth Ghost


  • 1 (12x4) styrofoam cone

  • 1 (3) styrofoam ball

  • 2pcs. of 16 gauge 18 wire (white cloth covered)

  • 1 (3yd x 36) pack of cheese

  • 1 bottle of fabric stiffener

  • 1 white fabric fat quarter or plastic wrap

  • 1 large bowl or bucket

  • Bottles, soda cans, candles or anything round

  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  • Gloves (optional)


  • Hot glue the Styrofoam ball to the Styrofoam cone to form a head & body.

  • To create arms: bend 1 piece of 18 wire in half. Leave a small loop at the end.
    This loop will be the hand. Poke the ends of the wire into the Styrofoam cone where
    the arm should be. Repeat step for the other arm.

  • Wrap the arms with white fabric or plastic wrap.

  • Cut the cheese cloth into 3 (1yd.) pieces.

  • Pour fabric stiffener into a large bowl or bucket. Soak one piece of cheese cloth.
    Squeeze out excess.

  • Carefully drape the cheesecloth over the head and body of the ghost.
     For best results drape the cloth at a diagonal angle.

  • Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all of the cheese cloth has been used.

  • Give the ghost a breezy feel by stretching the ends of the cheese cloth.
    Use some bottles, cans or candles to curl the ends of the cloth upward and downward.

  • Let this sit overnight. Once completely dry, the Styrofoam body and arms can be removed. The Styrofoam body can also be left in the ghost to give a little extra support.

  • Decorate the ghost with: raffia, ribbon, flowers, wiggle eyes, glow in the dark accents, etc.
    This ghost also looks great undecorated.


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