Pumpkin Wreath


Wire wreath form
Mini pumpkins to cover the form
20-gauge wire
Dried moss
Hot-glue gun
Electric drill with various size bits
Black ribbon (grosgrain, satin, or raffia)


Start by drilling holes (from side-to-side) through each mini pumpkin.
We used a cordless variable-speed drill with a 9/64-inch bit.
Position the holes toward the bottom of the pumpkin where they will be less visible.

Thread a 20-gauge wire through one of the pumpkin holes.
Place the pumpkin on the wire wreath form so the wire is perpendicular to the form.

Bend the wires around the back of the form and twist them securely onto the form.
Continue wiring pumpkins to the form until it is covered.

Fill spaces between pumpkins with bits of dry moss, using wire or hot glue to attach it.

Make a hanging loop with an 8-inch length of wire and twist it securely to the top of the wire form.

Finish off with a black bow that's been tied or wired to the top of the wreath.



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