Witch Box


Two sizes of round or oval paper Mache boxes
Acrylic Paints: black, bittersweet, and fleshtone
Acrylic varnish
Flat brush #10
One package of orange chenille stems
Witch hat
Star punch
Yellow card stock
1/4" dowel
Glue gun and glue sticks
Two brass paper fasteners
Black sharpee pen (optional)
Scissors or wire cutters
Nail or screwdriver


  • Directions


  • 1. Paint bittersweet stripes on sides of both box lids.
     Paint bottom of larger box and tops of lids black. Paint black stripes on sides of lids. Paint bottom of smaller box fleshtone. You may need a second coat on everything. Let dry. Paint black face on smaller box (you may prefer to use a sharpee pen for the face). Let dry. Apply 2 coats of acrylic varnish.

  • 2. Take 12 chenille stems from package and wrap each one around
    a 1/4" dowel to form a spring. Leave 1/2" on each end straight.
    Cut 1 in thirds, and cut the rest in half with old scissors or wire cutters.
    Hot glue the straight ends to the top of the small lid with the
    three short pieces in front for bangs. Glue hat on top of small lid.

  • 3. Place smaller box bottom on center of large box lid.
    Poke 2 holes through both pieces with a nail or small screwdriver.
    Secure together with brass fasteners. Put lids on boxes.
    Punch several stars from card stock and glue to
    bottom of large box and some to the hat



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