Yo-Yo Turkey


6" circle of fall print fabric (body)
Rust, or burnt orange or light brown felt (for face)
Scrap of orange felt (for nose)
1 1/2" wood heart (for feet)
Acrylic paint: bittersweet
Black sharpee or Ultimate Marker
Scissors or pinking shears
Needle and thread
Tacky glue


  • Directions

    1. Paint the wood heart with 2 coats of bittersweet acrylic paint. Let dry.

    2. Use needle and thread to stitch edge under and make a running stitch
    around fall fabric.  Pull thread to gather fabric and tie off.
    Flatten circle with stitching in center front. This creates the yo-yo.

    3. Cut two face pieces from felt. It can be cut with pinking shears
    or straight. Glue or sew together around edges.

    4. Cut beak from orange felt and glue on face. Use marker to make eyes.

    5. Glue face to front of yo-yo to cover hole and stitching.
    Glue face and yo-yo to center of heart so round end of
    heart forms feet.



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