Absolutely Apples


Materials Needed:

Patio Paints:

Daisy Cream
Wrought Iron Black
Chive Green
Natural Tan Grout
Holly Berry Red
Mistletoe Green

Brushes #6, #8 & #10 Flat; #1 Liner; 3/4" Wash

Brush basin, palette, paper towels, water, graphite & tracing paper, pencil, stylus, ruler, extra fine point black permanent marker, 1" masking tape, scissors

Terra Cotta Pots with saucers: 4", 6" & 8"


1. Use wash brush to basecoat pots inside and out to waterproof. Paint 8" pot, rim and saucer bottom, 6" pot and 4" saucer Natural Tan Grout; 8" saucer rim, 6" saucer bottom and 4" pot Daisy Cream; 6" saucer rim Holly Berry Red; and 4" pot rim Chive Green. Let dry.

2. Mask off 1" band around center of 8" pot rim. Use #10 flat brush to paint edges Daisy Cream. Remove tape. Trace and transfer apple pattern and lettering onto 8" pot.

3. Use #10 flat brush to paint Holly Berry Red diagonal stripes in one direction on big apple and 6" pot rim. Use #6 flat brush to paint Daisy Cream stripes next to red stripes and liner brush to paint Mistletoe Green lines next to those. Let dry. Repeat stripes in the opposite direction, creating plaid.

4. Paint apple leaves Chive Green. Use liner to outline apple and leaves with Wrought Iron Black.

5. Dip brush handle tip in Holly Berry Red and Fuchsia to apply small apples around rims of 4" and 8" pot and bottom area of 6" pot. Use #6 flat brush to paint a pair of Mistletoe Green leaves above each apple. Let dry.

6. Use permanent marker to outline small apples, leaves, band border and lettering. Use #8 flat brush to paint Chive Green stripes around Daisy Cream bands on 8" pot and saucer rims, Daisy Cream on 4" pot rim and Holly Berry Red stripes on 4" saucer rim.

7. Use brush handle tip to place dots as follows: Daisy Cream on 8" pot and saucer; Natural Tan Grout on 4" pot and Chive Green on 6" saucer.

Pattern for Apples




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