Happy-Friendly Scarecrow Hat

For all my friends that can't wait for the fall to get here!


  • 12-16 Straw Hat

  • Two 1/2 black buttons

  • Three 1/2 white buttons

  • Bandana

  • Scribbles Fabric Paint - red and black

  • 6 Straw Hat

  • Raffia and Stuffing (fiberfill)

  • Fabric scraps for overalls - nose, cheeks and patches

  • Burlap fabric - 1/2 yard

Cut a circle out of burlap to cover crown of hat. Check for position of mouth and paint mouth onto burlap with black scribbles. When dry, glue the burlap over crown of hat.
Glue on button eyes and fabric patches for cheeks and nose triangle.
Glue raffia on top of head part, letting it hang down on sides and front of head.
Cut about a 5 wide rectangle from bandana. Fold lengthwise and glue edges together.
Stuff with filler and glue onto hat, centering under face curving along hat brim to resemble arms.
Glue tufts of raffia into ends of arm pieces. Cut a square from bandana to be glued on for shirt.
Cut square of fabric for overall front and glue on over shirt. Cut straps and add to overalls.
 Glue buttons onto straps and paint stitching lines with scribbles.
Add raffia tufts where needed to look like straw stuffing.
Cut 6 hat in half. Glue in place on head. Add squares of scrap fabric for patches where desired.
Extra buttons may also be added.


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