Flower Pot Scarecrow

For all my friends that can't wait for the fall to get here!

Materials Needed:
- 3 1/2 clay pot
- Acrylic paint: White, Brite Red, Liberty Blue, Midnight Blue
- Brushes: #8 flat and #2 long liner
- Strip of thin denim fabric: 9 1/2 x 2
- Strip of red checked fabric: 7 1/2 x 2
- 1 button
- Jute twine: about 3 yards
- Raffia: about 100 pieces, 2 long
- Polyfil: fist size piece
- Ultimate Craft marker: Black, fine
- Pink chalk, rouge, or lipstick to rosy cheeks
- Glue gun and glue sticks
- Osnaberg fabric (or use muslin) - 10" circle, cut with pinking shears if possible
- Use any size clay pot and adjust accordingly!


1. Paint pot white, 2 coats; let dry between coats. Paint flared part of pot and about half way up with Liberty Blue. May need second coat of blue. Paint red checks over the white that remains, to match fabric. Also paint a small bib and straps over shoulders with blue. When dry, add details of overalls with Midnight Blue.

2. Lay strips of fabric in front of you and glue several pieces of 2 raffia on each end of each piece. Then roll each into a tube and glue edges. Cut small pieces of jute and tie a piece close to each end.

3. Take about a one yard piece of jute and tie the center of it around the center of the denim piece to form legs. Tie a knot in the jute about an inch up from the legs and string the ends through the button, then through the hole in the pot from the inside. Tie around the center of the arm piece. Poke a hole in the center of the fabric circle and push the ends of the jute up through it. Now wrap the handful of Polyfil around the jute just below the fabric. Wrap the fabric down over the Polyfil, and tie another piece of jute around to form a ball. Pull edges out about an inch from the jute. Push head down to rest on top of the pot. You may want to put a bit of glue on just to hold in place. Adjust the gathers in the ball so the face part is mostly flat.

4. Mark the face on with the Ultimate Marker. Add blush to the cheeks; glue bits of raffia on for hair. These pieces should radiate out from where the jute hanger comes out. Trim hair to suit you, and ENJOY!



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