Polar Fleece Bunny Basket

  • Polar Fleece, 36" square

  • 1 large white pompom, for tail

  • 1 small pink pompom, for nose

  • 2 black buttons

  • white embroidery floss

  • ribbon

  • 2 rubber bands

  • Fab-Tac glue

  • round chip wood box or small basket

  • chalk or powder blush

  • pinking shears


  • Cut fabric edges with pinking shears. 

  • Fold fabric corner to corner, to create a triangle.  Begin at point and roll fabric,
    from the point to the base of the triangle.

  • Take rolled fabric and fold in half.  Make a loop 6"- 8" (for the body),
    depending on the basket or container to be used. 

  • Secure with a rubber band at end of loop. 

  • Fold over another 5"-6" (to form the head) secure with another rubber band. 
    The loose ends form the ears open up and arrange as needed.

  • Tie a bow around the neck of rabbit, to one side. 

  • Lightly apply chalk or powder blush to the inside of ears and bunny cheeks.

  • Using Fabric-Tac glue on button eyes. 

  • Cut thread into desired whisker length and knot in the middle. 
    Spread out threads to form whiskers.  Glue whiskers to the face and
    then glue the pink pompom on top of the knot on whiskers.

  • Place chosen container inside the loop body and fill as desired.

This same method can be used with baby blankets or wash cloths.


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