Patriotic Wreath

Materials Needed:
3 ounces of blue yarn
5 ounces of red yarn
5 ounces of white yarn
1 -12 wire ring and wreath hanger
1 Small American flag
1 Large red, white, and blue decorative ribbon
Hot Glue - Glue Gun
Stars (Use our Accu-Cut Die Cut Machine to cut these or buy pre-cut ones)


1. Each wreath is made of bundles of yarn that are tied to the ring.
To make yarn bundles: Wind yarn 20 times around a 4" piece of cardboard. Slip these strands off the cardboard
and with a separate 8" strand tie at the center. (Do NOT cut the yarn loops)

2. Make 36 blue bundles, 56 red bundles, and 48 white bundles.

3. Using the ends of the 8 strand tie the bundles to the ring, positioning the bundle perpendicular to the wire. Continue to make the bundles and tie them to the wire ring adjacent to one another. Continue to work around the wire ring until entire wreath is filled.

Attach decorations; glue in place if necessary. Attach bow.



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