Seashell Votive Holder

1 glass 4" candle holder
1 medium size seashell
Thin rope
Quick gel super glue
Candle if desired
Hot glue gun & glue

Begin by gluing the rope tightly onto the glass candle holder.  So begin at the
bottom and start tying the rope around the candle holder. 
Squeeze a little of the super glue onto the spot
where you will continue tying the rope.
Continue doing this until you have gotten all the way to the top. 
Now, hot glue the seashell onto the rope. 
And last, tie some raffia right above the rope, just as pictured.


Glass ivy bowl or canning jar
One 35 clear light strand
One bag scented potpourri
One 10" or 12" lace doily
Ribbon and flowers for bow decoration

Put small amount of potpourri in bottom of container
Stuff container with light strand
Add potpourri to fill container and cover light wires
Place doily over top opening and tie with ribbon
Accent with ribbon, silk or dried flowers, charms, ribbon roses or any other decorations.


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