Fall Hurricanes - Scarecrow & Crow


  • One 7 tapered hurricane shade

  • One 8 1/2-9 hurricane shade

  • Raffia

  • Fabric strips of choice

  • Delta Perm Enamel Paints - light peach, harvest orange, black,
    white, med. blue, bright yellow and grey

  • One 8 straw hat

  • One 4 straw hat


Instructions - Scarecrow:
Base paint scarecrow hurricane light peach. Use several coats for smooth finish. Paint large eyes with black and white at bottom area. Paint large nose triangle with blue. Stipple cheek areas with harvest orange. Paint mouth line and add xs for stitch line on mouth using black. Tear strip of material about 1 1/4 wide and long enough to tie around brim of hat. Glue. Add some pieces of raffia in band. Glue raffia to inside of hat to hang down to resemble hair. Glue to top of hurricane. Cut another strip of material about 3-4 wide and length to tie around base of hurricane. Tie on with tails in back. Stuff some raffia inside edge of fabric, sticking up toward face.

Instructions - Crow:
Base paint tapered style hurricane black for crow. Dry. Paint large beak in center front using yellow. Paint 2 black commas on beach for nostrils. Paint white dots for eyes and add black at eye on top area and accent with white dot. Paint yellow feet on bottom of hurricane. Using grey, draw a few feather lines above eyes, under stomach area and on sides to resemble wing lines. Use small strips of fabric to tie around small straw hat. Glue to hurricane.



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