Craft Projects

The kittens love to help me with all my craft projects.
These projects are some of the ones that are featured in "Country Chatter's
newsletter and some extra ones.
If you are looking for a special craft project, please email the kittens at
and they will be more than happy to go through all the project sheets
and find it for you and email it to you.
They are always going through the sheets looking for new ones, and if
you have any that you would like to share, email them with it.


Candy Cane Stripe Treat Jar

Clay Pot Snowmen
Christmas Bulbs & Candles
Christmas Glass Cylinders Candles
Christmas Glitter Candles
Holiday Cow Bells
Gingerbread Star
Jingle Bell Wreath
Block Snowman
Bell Penguin
Pinecone Basket






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