Calico Kitten Designs is inspired by four little kittens and their mom. 

The kittens make the house complete, Bear is a
lover, he has to be with you all the time and does nothing but purr.  Bandit loves Pringles and will steal them from everyone.  Special is just "special", she is the smallest of the kittens and very much the "lady".  And who can forget Callie, she is the trouble maker of the group, if the kittens are sleeping, she will jump on them and she is the leader of the pack, running all over the house.

 And what better way to share them with everyone than to create a website about them
and all the wonderful crafts that
they inspire me to create.

Please stop in often and see all the
wonderful items that we have added.

Your satisfaction is our highest goal.
Everything is hand made in America.








Country Dolls

Cross Stitch

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